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24 May Chanel 2023AW Camellias Bloom on the Classic CF Bag
EVA 0 317
The highly anticipated finale of the Chanel Autumn/Winter 2023 collection concluded successfully at the Grand Palais in Paris. Chanel's creative director, Virginie Viard, incorporated the beloved came..
22 May LV
EVA 0 223
With a century-old tradition of craftsmanship and a keen eye for trends, Louis Vuitton never fails to create buzz with its new bag releases. Recently, the early autumn collection of Louis Vuitton feat..
17 May Gucci Blondie new small square bag - Vintage girls will fall in love at first sight!
EVA 0 276
Gucci, known for its mastery of vintage aesthetics, introduced the "Blondie" bag last year, which quickly became a highly sought after item in luxury boutiques. Building on its popularity, the brand h..
16 May 2023 Gucci Mini Bags Recommendation
EVA 0 322
 Summer is coming soon, so today we will recommend 3 Gucci Mini summer Bags.The recommendation is based on: 1/ high cost performance; 2/ classic and timeless; 3/ versatile, 1/Gucci Super Mini GG Marmo..
26 Apr What to Buy In Louis Vuitton & Yayoi Kusama Drop 1
EVA 0 488
At the Spring-Summer 2023 show in San Diego, Nicolas Ghesquière once again showcased his forward-thinking design style with chic bags that caught the eyes of women! Among them, the unexpected arrival ..
24 Apr YSL 4 Most Worthwhile Bags
EVA 0 194
Today, I would like to share with you the four most worthwhile bags to get from YSL in 2023.1. NikiNiki is the most worthwhile bag to purchase from YSL, having been popular since it was released in 20..
23 Apr BV 2023 Canette Wide Knitted Cylinder Bag
EVA 0 223
 Bottega Veneta's hidden gem bag is the BV Canette! This wide-weave cylinder bag is just as adorable as BV Cassette! Bottega Veneta has been a hot topic in the fashion world in recent years, not only ..
22 Apr How to buy Dior 2023 Spring and Summer bags?
EVA 0 195
As we enter the spring and summer seasons, have you already stocked up on plenty of new wardrobe pieces? Besides clothing and shoes, Dior's latest collection of bags this season are also ready to catc..
18 Apr Hold your Wallet Tight! BV Mini Bags become the new fashionista
EVA 0 175
If you are a small bag supporter,and you are going to step into BottegaVeneta recently, please hold your wallet tight! BV recently shrunk its classic bag models Cassette, Jodie, Acro, etc. to the size..
17 Apr Is it still worth buying LV Side Trunk in 2023?
EVA 0 231
LV Side Trunk Still Worth Buying in 2023? Since the end of last year, the most asked question by my fans and friends has been about the LV Side trunk. So today let's talk about this bag.  1. Material ..
13 Apr 3 Highest Rating Bags In The Past 5 Years
EVA 0 179
3 Highest Rating Bags In The Past 5 Years The Last few years have seen a lot of luxury bags, but which ones really satisfy most consumers? After studying dozens of popular bags in the past five years,..
12 Apr How to Choose the Right Bag for Your Body?
admin 0 173
Have you ever fallen in love with a particular bag, only to try it on and realize that it doesn't look as good on you as it does on someone else? The reason for this could be your body type. Bags, jus..
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