Summer is coming soon, so today we will recommend 3 Gucci Mini summer Bags.The recommendation is based on: 1/ high cost performance; 2/ classic and timeless; 3/ versatile,


1/Gucci Super Mini GG Marmont

GG Marmont has four sizes: 31cm/26cm/22cm/16.5cm. Today's recommendation is the smallest size 16.5cm; it is small and lovely. This size is no problem for general phones, but it may be difficult to put in very large phones or phones with very heavy shells. There are also many colors to choose for this bag, in addition to black, there are also white, pink, green, and suitable for summer. But I personally still recommend black, as it is more classic and versatile. The opening of this bag is designed with a buckle, which is very convenient. The body of the bag is made of full calfskin leather, which is very soft and has elasticity, which makes this bag larger than other bags of the same size. It can not only accommodate a mobile phone, but also some small keys and lipsticks. This bag has a long metal chain, and there is also a small key buckle inside the bag. Through this small key buckle, we can also DIY this bag into a waist bag. This bag is more suitable for slanting when going out to play. It is very convenient and light. When folding the long chain, this bag can also be carried as hobo bag.

2/Gucci Ophidia Handbag

This bag has an adjustable shoulder strap with multiple gears to meet the needs of different height sisters; the body is made of pure Monogram, and the weight is very light. The bag opening is designed with tassel zipper, which is safe and practical, as well as very stylish. This bag will be larger than GG Marmont Mini, and can hold basic needs such as keys, lipsticks, etc. in addition to mobile phones. So this bag has a high cost-effectiveness and is very practical.

3/Gucci Horsebit 1955 Mini Bag

The Gucci Horsebit 1955 Mini Bag has been a hit for several summers. The 1955 series is originally a classic and retro series. The front of this bag is a very iconic 1955 horsebit buckle. The body is designed with Gucci Monogram. Since this bag is called a mobile phone bag, it is definitely no problem to put the mobile phone. Its opening is flip cover design. The shoulder strap is matched with a long leather shoulder strap and it is also adjustable. It can be single shoulder, cross shoulder, and short underarm. This bag is also very versatile.