The highly anticipated finale of the Chanel Autumn/Winter 2023 collection concluded successfully at the Grand Palais in Paris. Chanel's creative director, Virginie Viard, incorporated the beloved camellia, Coco Chanel's favorite flower, throughout this season's creations. The camellia transformed into exquisite motifs on coats, sweaters, and knitted tops. It also bloomed in three-dimensional form on shoes and handbags. Combined with the 1960s "Mods" British style and the fluid tailoring inspired by traditional menswear, Chanel once again portrayed a woman embodying spontaneity, freedom, and elegance.


As always, Chanel's iconic handbags and accessories followed the camellia theme. Whether in hair accessories, rings, necklaces, or brooches, the camellia was present. The highlight of this season's accessories must be the handbags in the shape of camellias. Composed of layered leather petals and adorned with a camellia-shaped clasp, these bags are both adorable and exquisite. Additionally, shiny patent leather and lacquered handbags made a comeback.


Today, let's talk about the CF bag adorned with camellias.

 When it comes to Chanel's classic handbags, the CF is an essential item. Anyone who claims to be a Chanel fan must own at least one Chanel CF bag. Of course, this time, the camellia theme would not overlook the CF Bag. 

Personally, I'm not particularly fond of overly ladylike designs because they tend to restrict styling options. However, Chanel ingeniously incorporates the gentle camellia as an accent, giving it a hidden sense of feminine power. 

On the glossy patent leather CF bag, a vibrant and dripping camellia blooms. The flower appears as if it has just been baptized by rain, with each petal becoming even more resplendent. Small silver Chanel logos embellish the center of the petals, and the bag features the classic leather Laced chains strap. The color of the leather matches the bag's body, showcasing Chanel's pursuit of perfection through these small details. The entire bag is exquisitely elegant, full of intricate details, and mesmerizingly beautiful. Those who have witnessed this fashion show and seen this bag in person will undoubtedly remember its beauty for a long time.


This bag comes in two sizes: 18cm square bag and 22cm long version. Like previous CF bags, it offers ample space and practicality. It is not a small, useless bag! Unlike previous CF bags, the body of this bag is made of a gleaming patent leather, giving it a more structured appearance and a more eye-catching color. Combined with the camellia clasp, this bag truly embodies the spirit of blending strength and gentleness. It is versatile and suitable for a wider range of people. In addition to daily outfits, it is also an excellent choice for gatherings and evening events. The longer CF bag can even tuck the chain inside and be used as a clutch.


In summary, the combination of the CF bag style, camellia clasp, leather laced chains, and patent leather makes this bag both timeless and practical. So, are you ready, ladies, to grab this bag?