Gucci, known for its mastery of vintage aesthetics, introduced the "Blondie" bag last year, which quickly became a highly sought after item in luxury boutiques. Building on its popularity, the brand has launched a sister version of the "Blondie" bag for the spring/summer collection this year. With its square shape and vintage appeal, how can any retro-loving girl resist?

This "Blondie" small square bag features a compact and delicate exterior, crafted from soft sheepskin leather. Unlike the original version with the iconic doubleG metal logo, this bag adopts embossing and stitching as its design elements. The vintage appearance, coupled with intricate yet simple details, clearly showcases its close relationship with its predecessor. Don’t be fooled by its cute appearance though – it’s making a strong case to become the next "IT Bag."

The "Blondie" small square bag comes with a curved top handle and a leather shoulder strap, allowing it to be carried either by hand or worn as a shoulder bag. Detaching the shoulder strap transforms it into a handheld bag, adding to its charming and playful vibe. The metal doubleG charm on the zipper further enhances the vintage appeal. Retro enthusiasts should definitely consider allocating their budget to this bag for the spring/summer season!

From different angles, the "Blondie" small square bag reveals its leather color and metallic luster. For those who value practicality, the bag’s capacity is a key consideration. Thanks to its square design and dual zipper closure, it maximizes the space for everyday essentials. From what I can gather, it should comfortably accommodate a regular-sized iPhone, as well as daily items like lipstick, powder compact, and a small wallet.

This bag is available in a variety of colors, offering Five options for everyone to choose from.

1.BlondieAqua top handle Bag

This color is very Fresh and eye-catching, perfect for Spring and Summer, In Recent years, This color has been Accept and Choosen by more sisters.

2.BlondieCream top handle Bag

Since from year 2022, Luxury brands starts to issue White series Handbags. White comes in many shades, warm, cool and so on...White is different from brand to brand. LV's white is warm while Celine's white is cool. Gucci Blondie White is a warm cream color,which is easy to matches with daily outfit and resistant to dirty.  

3.BlondieBlack top handle Bag

Classic black,For almost every bag of every brand, black is always available and it is also the best seller. No matter in spring, summer, autumn and winter,For parties, commuting and holidays, black will never go wrong. When you don't have any other favorite color, black also the best choice.

4.BlondieWine top handle Bag

Personally, I think this is a more mature, atmospheric and stable color, less girlish, but more mature women from the inside out of the natural charm0

5.BlondieDark Blue top handle Bag

If you think black is too ordinary, or if you already have too many black bags, and you don't like Burgundy mature, then this dark blue is the best choice. Very versatile, durable, dated, but a little more playful and cute than Boring black.