At the Spring-Summer 2023 show in San Diego, Nicolas Ghesquière once again showcased his forward-thinking design style with chic bags that caught the eyes of women! Among them, the unexpected arrival of the Yayoi Kusama collaboration series caused a sensation, marking the second collaboration between the two sides after a decade of silence since 2012! After the global promotional activities, the Kusama collaboration series bags were officially released.

This series focuses on the most recognizable element of Kusama's works-dots, paying tribute to the artist's representative works through "Infinity Dots" and "metal Dots", and the main colorful hand-painted is to echo the first collaboration between the two sides ten years ago. So, let's take a look at some must-have bags in this series:


1/ LV X YK Twist

The LV Twist itself is a very popular bag, combining classical style with the future and very practical! This time, Kusama injected dots into it, making the bag more artistic. It is presented in black and yellow, with yellow background and black dots lined up on the Epi leather, giving the trend design a dreamy color, making the bag eye-catching, and the signature twist buckle is black and yellow dots to make a contrast color. With two different sizes of dots arranged, making the whole bag more layered.


2/LV X YK Dauphine

Speaking of LV's classic bags, how can we miss LV Dauphine. It has the signature LV Circle Logo, Monogram vintage appearance, cowhide leather trim, spacious interior, with removable chain, for a variety of back carry selection. Kusama added Colorful Dots to this bag, making it not only fashionable and eye-catching, but also sweet and salty, matching any style! In addition, the contrasting red lining is also one of the reasons why many sisters Love this bag. The red lining makes the bag more enthusiastic and elegant, with a touch of playfulness.


3/LV x YK Neverful

Practical and versatile Monogram Neverfull, is one of the dream bags of many girls! Girls who like LV, should already have their own Neverfull. This time, continue its iconic shape, with the cute color dots of Kusama, making this bag not only good to use, but also fashionable and eye-catching, a practical art! Don't’ you want to have an Classic Neverfull with Classic Dots?




4/LV x YK Onthego Tote Bag

With the return of the big bag trend, Louis Vuitton's Onthego series bags have become the first choice of many girls. The style created with a large red base, the low-key Monogram of the brand hidden in the bag body, let the colorful dots become the protagonist, the large area of color presentation, let the whole bag become Super eyes-catching. At the detail level, the brand is adorned with Kusama's most representative pumpkin pendant, making the bag full of playful atmosphere.


5/LV x YK Pochette Metis

Pochette Métis, inspired by the student's schoolbag, has been elegant and charming, and has become one of the most sought after bags by thousands of girls! This time, the brand uses Kusama's works as makeup, injecting creative vitality into the elegant design. This bag not only keeps its original versatile and charming atmosphere, but also adds a bit of cute appearance. Colorful dots are Kusama's visual business card, this intricate silk printing process is reproduced on Monogram canvas, just like the artist's own hand-painted.


6/LV x YK Neonoe Bucket Bag

The Noé series of bucket bags, which were born in 1932 at the request of a champagne maker, has been enduring and charming, and has become one of the most sought-after bags by many girls. LV and Kusama's second collaboration introduced this bag into the avant-garde art field. This time, the Monogram matching with colorful dots is creative, and the lining is also red plus pumpkin shaped logo Patch, very fashionable. It’s more of a statement piece.


7/LV x YK LV Side Trunk

I have a separate blog post about LV Side Trunk before, interested friends can go and take a look. If you have not had time to get Monogram Side Trunk, it is recommended to directly start this bag decorated by the artist Kusama, because it is more artistic, colorful dot patterns plus the unique shape of this bag, absolutely enough to let you carve a place for yourself in the fashion World